Kirat is a proven resource for product development solutions

Leveraging our core engineering strength, we have emerged as a preferred service for mold and product development.​ We provide services through the life cycle of product development, from concept and prototyping to engineering and manufacturing, with a systematic and well defined workflow right from enquiry stage to tool manufacturing to component delivery.

Every member on the floor knows the process and specifications, and works to deliver quality products.

Design and Development

We consider multiple factors during designing components like surface finish options, parting lines, mould flow analysis, injection moulding raw materials, incorporating drafts to avoid any error during production line.

In-House Tool Building

Winning formula for us has been our comprehensive tool room. Highly skilled engineers combining their skills with equally able machines produce tools of highest quality defining our strength and capability. Process optimization and machine precision helps us achieve First Time Right Tooling.

Proactive Approach

Our value added services include collaborative design planning with customers before manufacturing tools and products.

  • Early-stage Engineering Support

  • Quality Requirement Planning

  • Material Selection Consultation

  • Mold Concept Planning

  • Manufacturing process optimization

  • Design for Manufacturing

Our Design Capability

We have in-house design expertise with these design softwares