One stop platform that assembles, packages and performs secondary operations to shorten the supply time.

In-house manufacturing, moulding and pressing components gives us a distinct advantage of cost, quality and delivery in product assemblies.

Shortening lead times, containing logistics costs and assembly integrated quality approach for component manufacturing helps us offer high quality products at a reasonable cost.

Our team keeps inventing and experimenting to combine better productivity with less scrap and wastage

Timely adapting to changing technologies and aptly combining automation, we have created efficient assembly lines. We have transformed our manual processes into digital form where we can track production status and collect the data that further helps us identify and mitigate delays

In recent years, we have built smart factories that have kept us ahead in the industry. We have developed one stop platforms that assembles, packages and performs the other secondary operations to shorten supply chains. We continue to find improvement opportunities in processes to reduce lead time and manufacturing costs. Researching and implementing technology is our focus to keep delivering quality products.

Ultrasonic Welding

Pad Printing