A one-stop service for plastic and metal pressing components, making your job of sourcing easier than ever.

We believe that our single-point contact for all requirements in the manufacturing of plastic components creates a number of possibilities for the final-good manufacturer. Having a technical tool room and expertise, customers can count on us for perfect product solutions. We provide total process integration with 100% quality assurance. With our expert and professional team, we analyze and verify that our Quality Management System is followed and ensure zero compromises at every stage.

Timely adoption of the latest technologies gives us an edge to achieve precision and consistent quality every time. Our strong engineering support ensures our production lines’ availability to deliver at peak capacity all the time

Plastic Injection Molding

Kirat Plastics has been engaged in the manufacturing of plastic molded components and products for almost 3 decades.

We are well equipped to accommodate a variety of thermoplastic injection molding needs in all kinds of Engineering Plastics.

Our years of experience and advanced manufacturing capability enables us to deliver a high-quality product at competitive pricing. Our core manufacturing competencies include thermoplastic molding, insert molding, and two-shot molding

Pressing Components

Our state-of-the-art Press Shop complements our assembly business by shortening lead time. We have presses of up to 100 tons catering to various engineering industries for their precision metal component requirements. ​

High-speed presses and progressive tooling have enhanced our capacity and consistency many fold. ​ With technology advancement, we adapt quickly to changeovers. Our press shop infrastructure can perform frequent design changes in any form and shape in much lesser time.

Over 60 molding machines, ranging from 18 tons to 600 tons. Moulding capability for 1g to 1.5kg components.